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How to Inspire an Ownership Mindset in Your Team

How to Inspire an Ownership Mindset in Your Team

Episode Guest

Andre is the CEO and founder of Referrizer LLC - truly revolutionary platform for explosive referral marketing with the mission to help 5 million small businesses generate new customers and keep existing ones extremely loyal. He is an expert in designing, development and delivery of cost effective, high-performance online marketing solutions, with focus on referral marketing and helping small and medium sized businesses generate customers.

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Referrizer helps local small business owners manage daily marketing efforts including referral loyalty and retention, email, text marketing, and landing pages. Over 14,000 businesses worldwide use Referrizer's freemium system. Businesses rely on Referrizer to increase their reach and exposure.

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How to Inspire an Ownership Mindset in Your Team

Episode intro

With this episode, we speak with Andre Cvijovic, CEO of Referrizer. Learn the essentials of getting quality reviews and the easiest way to double your client base without spending a dime. You'll also learn how you can reframe problems and have your staff take ownership in the quest for success.

Don't be afraid to ask for reviews

The best way for companies to reach more customers is to list their business on Google Maps. With the help of the Google Business listing, it is easy, fast, cheapest, and the most effective method for ranking high on Google through Google reviews. Send your client a link to their listing and ask if they'll share theirs. You’ll see results as soon as one month, and they'll last a long time.

Use a reputation management system

Small businesses should use something like a reputation management system that will enable them to keep going with getting quality reviews. A reputation management system works automatically with your booking software. As soon as they leave your business, you can automatically follow them up with a quick survey link to their phone number or email.  Just make sure that you ask more clients, because if you don't do it, then your business may not grow.

But what if you get bad reviews? That could sink your business. If you’ve received a one-star review for your business, you need 85 five-star reviews to make up for the one-star review.

Businesses can manage their reputations if they do not have a reputation management system. They could print out business cards and place a QR code to scan them, so customers can leave feedback or reviews. Business owners can also ask employees to ask for a review from clients. Have them monitor who are the good clients, and train them to send a text with a link to the review page and ask to share a couple of words. You should ask as many customers as possible. Send them emails, text, or give them business cards so they can easily click on your reputation page to leave a review and they will.

Reach out to leads as soon as possible

To double your client base immediately without spending a dime on marketing, don’t wait. If you’re looking for a gym, and you click on a Google ad that claims to give a free week-long gym pass, you put your number, but nothing happens. But if you go to another website, you find that you can immediately sign up for a gym deal like a free gym pass or personal training session and you’ll get a callback.

It's a matter of addressing urgency. Call them as soon as possible to make sure they can get help quickly—this is a proven way to double your business quickly and cheaply in half the time. So don’t wait! Contact even if you don't have an automated reputation management system. All you need to do is to make your leads a priority.

See a problem as an opportunity

A challenge is never a challenge, but it is a chance run by the people involved to make things better. Just seeing it from a different angle will let you see that everything in your life offers opportunity.

For small business owners, they should ask themselves these questions: “What's good about that? How can you take advantage of this challenge? How can you use it in your favor?” After answering those three questions, you'll find some outstanding answers.

Make sure your employees own their roles

Your employees are all part of the same group, working together to promote the common good.   Set an example for your team and the rest will follow. When you allow flexibility, then this gives them creative freedom to think of new solutions. They’ll think the same way as you, believing that this is their job and, and this is their company. They’ll learn to own their roles.

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Episode roundup

Getting good reviews for a local business can be difficult. It takes time and money to do it professionally while not all businesses have the resources. On the other hand, getting solid online reviews is a must to compete regardless of what business you run.

It seems like getting reviews for your local business is difficult to impossible, especially if you’re working alone. You get busy, lose motivation or simply can’t keep up with all the new review sites popping up.

No matter how hard you try to grow your business, sometimes it seems like you’re struggling to keep up.

The problem may be that your methods aren’t working. Listen to this podcast episode of the Local Business Hacks where we talk to Andre Cvijovic about the smart ways to get quality reviews on Google and double the number of clients without spending any money.

Even more than that, how can you motivate everyone on your team (or yourself!) by encouraging a can-do attitude?

We will also cover how you can turn obstacles into opportunities so you and your team can take advantage of challenges and achieve tangible results.

This episode is full of inspiring words of wisdom, so you can keep your business growing. Check out this awesome episode now.

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