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7 hacks to leverage video content and get clients

7 hacks to leverage video content and get clients

Video marketing is typically considered a powerful medium in the wellness and beauty industries, but people have to be engaged with content for it to be effective. This can be done easily with these 7 ways to use videos and get more clients. 

1. Shorter videos attract more attention

Today, it’s harder than ever to keep people’s attention. So, be sure your videos are short and to the point. According to Facebook, 47% of the value is delivered in the first 3 seconds of a video. To see how it works out, take a quick 30-second video of you doing yoga in the morning and add the right hashtags to see how many views you get on Instagram or YouTube.

2.Respond to user comments as soon as you can

Show people you appreciate them by replying to their comments on your video.  Make sure that you reply in a way that starts a conversation rather than ends it. As your audience won’t have the patience to wait around for hours, respond to them as soon as possible.

3.Keep a consistent content creation and posting schedule

You need to post new videos on social media to keep your audiences interested in your brand. 

Keeping a regular and consistent posting schedule will make your fans eager to see your next video, so they will expect it each time.

4. Use social proof and user-generated content in your videos

Over 70% of customers bought a product or service after watching a YouTube video. Your videos should be educational and add value to customers with video testimonials from happy customers or product tutorials from wellness and fitness experts, and local influencers. These videos can also provide more information on fitness, wellness, and health classes available.

5. Add royalty-free music to evoke more emotion

It’s no secret music affects people’s emotions. An appropriate soundtrack can set the tone for any video and help make people feel emotionally connected to your video.

There are many free online music services and there is no reason that you cannot find a good track for your video. Decide if the music will be a major focus or supporting the dialogue. The music in your video can keep viewers interested and also help keep your brand at the forefront.

6. Use SEO to optimize your video

You should never ignore SEO basics. You should always conduct keyword research followed by testing. Put keywords into video titles, descriptions, tags, and the like; this can help you figure out what people are searching for. Use long-tail keywords in your video descriptions, and you will increase your chances of ranking higher.

7. Get your clients and patients to refer you to others to keep the referrals coming

As most health and wellness businesses depend on repeat customers, video can let your customers stay connected long after a purchase or a visit. Share short, educational videos about healthy eating and stress relief tips. Provide customers with a 24-hour referral code in Instagram Story videos. Highlight current clients by showing their before and after results when they worked out at your gym (with their permission, of course).

Give your video some time to grow and develop an audience. Don’t expect a sharp increase in engagement levels in the early days. Once you employ these seven strategies effectively, you will see significant results.

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