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6 marketing hacks that create business value with networking & partnerships

6 marketing hacks that create business value with networking & partnerships

You may benefit from your network more than you may think. Here are six more hacks you can use on your network to increase your marketing efforts.

Make your own voice heard

Can you connect with customers and prospects and show that you are personable and knowledgeable about your business? Promote your business on YouTube with promo spots. If you’re confident on camera, it’s easy to woo new clients. Getting out there and putting a face to your business is very important. 

Become an authority in your industry

Why not take advantage of your knowledge of your business and industry, and use it to generate leads? Host an online workshop, or invite prospects to a webinar where you can tell them more about a product or service and invite them to sign up for more information. Publishing whitepapers is also one way to establish yourself as a thought leader.

Recruiting is a constant process

Small business owners often hire only when they have a vacant position to fill. However, this creates a double disadvantage: not only are you down a full-time employee but also have little control over the hiring timeline.

During sales calls, always inform your clients that you are looking for prospects. Always build a database of potential candidates, especially if there isn’t a position to fill. Doing so makes it easier to replace someone, especially if it’s on brief notice.

Ask your leads to join your exclusive group

Getting an invitation-only group started is a good idea. If you meet someone at an event who you think may be interested in your plans, ask to add them to your group. As a result, you have gained their trust. You have established yourself as an authority in the intersection of your knowledge and their interest (their business). No matter what you think, you have already established yourself as an influencer.

Develop a content marketing partnership

Businesses that work together to create content and share it on their platforms are great ways to grow their brands and market to their audiences, respectively. You can team up to create whitepapers, blogs, infographics, videos and podcasts.

Create loyalty programs that involve other brands

Some loyalty programs involve partner brands by providing rewards and discounts. A loyalty program offers consumers rewards if they take certain actions. For example, customers can gain access by taking advantage of a free trial offer, purchasing a product, or signing up for emails.

Some forms of loyalty partnership can be customers who can become brand advocates, who buy your products or services often, or who take part in partner brand discounts by looking at customer profiles and spending habits.


Taking advantage of your network isn’t just about connecting; it’s a powerful tool for attracting new leads and building loyalty. The six hacks above can help you bring your network to life for your company.

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