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5 Hacks how to NOT overlook your ROI?

5 Hacks how to NOT overlook your ROI?

Results are the key to success for any business, so today’s beauty and wellness brands are creating deeper bonds with consumers with an aggressive content strategy that relies on attractive visual content, user-generated content, and working with influencers.

It’s about time you take advantage of those benefits as well. Many local businesses in the beauty and wellness industries have seen results from these growth hacks and now is a perfect time to use these tips to boost your ROI.

Create an effective content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy can help you succeed in business. If your marketing budget is modest, then create a marketing campaign tailored to your target audience.

With the right amount of effort, you can attract customers regardless of the size of your business and the number of resources at your disposal.

Make sure every campaign you plan includes shareable content. One of the main pillars of content marketing campaigns is video content. Videos can easily bring in customers to landing pages because they can evoke emotion, offer value, and hook them.

Sell Through Your Customers

Your brand has a network of loyal fans. It’s time to use them. 

Make it easy for your customers to spread the word about the brand. Inspire them to post about the brand, analyze the results of their postings and use incentives to generate more content. Thanks to social media, thousands of users see what your customers are doing, making them more likely to buy.

Let Your Employees Be Brand Advocates

For local businesses that have physical locations and employees, ask one of your employees to serve as a brand ambassador by posting about the business on their social media accounts and reward them with recognition and incentives. Even a quick social media post can be a huge draw to customers.

Your team is curating an experience that elevates your brand and helps your customers discover it. Content needs to be around the brand to enhance how it is unique compared to other brands.

Get value out of excess product in your inventory

Because consumer demand changes so frequently, it is likely you are sitting on excess products in your inventory. Instead of letting these outdated products sit in the backroom, use them to activate customers and employees.

Social contests are a great way to give away excess inventory while getting your customer-base to take part and refer business to you via user-generated content and referrals. You can also reward top employees for outstanding performances and achievement awards as well.

Earn money from influencers

Local beauty and wellness brands with an online presence can gain traffic by featuring other brands and influencers in a round-up post. These brands don’t need to be direct competition; they just need to be secondary and ancillary to yours.

Those influencers you mentioned can then use your affiliate link on their own site (or to promote a particular product), directing their followers toward your online store.

With this approach, you and the influencers can both benefit from it because everyone earns from each purchase their customers make on our website using our affiliate link or code.

See Your Beauty and Wellness ROI Grow

Having a great beauty and wellness brand is not enough. Experiment and test new marketing technologies as much as possible. Identify what’s working for you and eliminate the rest. 

These tips can help you boost your ROI quickly. Just sift through the data from your campaigns and make the changes needed to improve your business’s ROI numbers.

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