Top 8 SaaS tools for your local business

Top 8 SaaS tools for your local business

Almost all businesses rely heavily on SaaS (Software as a Service), and if you’re not already maximizing its capability, you don’t want to be left behind. But the SaaS market has so many products and services today that it can feel overwhelming to choose one. 

Top 8 SaaS tools on this list will greatly benefit any small business. Best of all, some of them work together, so you have a complete system at your hands. By utilizing them, you will increase your productivity and boost your revenue.


Best all-in-one team collaboration and chat tools for any business.

You may have heard of Slack. Audio, video calls, chat integrations, integration integrations and bots; Slack offers it all. Businesses already using Dropbox and Google Drive will find that Slack works with them, a feature that makes it the perfect solution for communication and file-sharing.

Slack is also popular – used worldwide by large corporations including Lyft and NASA. However, the free plan only allows you to integrate 10 services, so choose wisely.


Handle the scheduling of your team members with ease.

You can manage employee communications and collaboration with ease with Connecteam, a leading cloud-based collaboration tool for the modern workplace.

It will help you manage your employees, communicate with them, execute their tasks, and train them. You can do this with its suite of features including employee records, time tracking, scheduling, and internal processes. It lets users chat in private conversations or hold group conversations. You can even create searchable libraries and quizzes. 


Keep up with projects and tasks with this popular task management tool.

Asana is well known for being a well-renown task management tool for small businesses. The interface is pleasant, colorful, and good for new users. Integrations like Slack, Dropbox, and Asana make it easy to manage tasks & tasks on hand. Their free plan includes unlimited projects, tasks, and messaging and is made for any project of any size.


Set up appointments easily with clients with an automated reminder system.

If you’re a small business owner interested in communicating with your customers at every chance, 10to8 offers an additional way to gather valuable feedback.

10to8 provides an automated reminder system for setting up appointments. You can also reply to customer messages directly from your 10to8 dashboard, SMS, email, Facebook, Slack, or chat. 10to8 is also great for recording activities, tracking payments, and helping your sales staff organize a meeting. It would work well for small businesses because of its user-friendly interface and features. 


Simple, straightforward solution for all your HR needs.

With payroll as its core functionality, Gusto is a good fit for small businesses that find the most time-consuming aspect of managing HR as payroll and might also wish to add a few other services. 

With a seamless stream of online payroll processing and a straightforward interface, Gusto does an outstanding job at keeping your business compliant. If the biggest headache is administering payroll, Gusto’s system is a solid choice.


Take accounting on the go with this useful accounting tool.

You’ll find accounting software for just about every kind of business. If you’re always on the go, Xero makes your life simpler with reports sent right to your inbox and integrating your bank account so you can connect your bank with your finances. 

With Xero, you can integrate with Gusto for a complete HR and accounting solution. It connects with a wide range of apps like HubSpot as well.

Hubspot CRM

Free CRM tool for up to 1 million contacts and companies.

HubSpot CRM is a great option for small businesses looking for the one of the most comprehensive CRM tools around.  This CRM lets you store as many as 1 million contacts and companies. It has plenty of features, including a free core and incredibly easy-to-use website forms and Meetings calendar booking tool, making it incredibly simple to handle sales pipeline and stay on top of company contact information.

If you need access to sales, marketing, customer service, and content management hubs, additional costs apply.


The most efficient email marketing and referral marketing tool to take referrals to the next level.

Referrizer is an automated email and referral marketing software that focuses on getting more referrals from existing customer bases. All you need to do is to put together your referral program, make sure your current customers know about your product and service, and thank the loyal and outspoken customers who have referred others to you.

You could make the best decision ever that you can to opt for automatic referral tracking for your business. It keeps you on top of business activities like phone call tracking and text auto-responders. You can personalize all your messages with just one click. It lets you keep track of everything in one place like customer notes, emails, and SMS. This is the easiest and most efficient method of reaching consumers and communicating with them, all in one marketing tool and receiving reviews. 

Referrizer can integrate with many tools, including with their partner, Fork N Knife POS. It is designed for seamless integration into restaurant systems and includes all the features you find from a high-end POS system. 


When looking for the right SaaS solution for you, make sure you evaluate your needs, read reviews on G2 and Capterra, and speak with your network about what works for them. This will help you identify the right tools for your business and your customers.