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Scale your brand with social media

Scale your brand with social media

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Aaron is the Chief Marketing & Sales Officer for Accuro. Aaron loves helping people change their lives with fitness. In particular, with heart rate training. Helping people understand the data behind their exercise is both exciting and rewarding all at the same time.

Scale your brand with social media

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Key Takeaways

Gamification can get people excited about results and keep them motivated

Using Accuro Fit’s products, trainers can train and help people really meet their training goals. Having a point structure and gamification in that way allows for the system to equal the playing field of all participants and create a competitive environment, which is one reason Accuro Fit products can help them reach their goals. Members can visualize their fitness journey with their wearables and see their progression in numbers, helping them to achieve their goals and stay accountable. They can engage with their club and their trainers much better.

On the business side, many businesses that have been using Accuro Fit’s products could physically see that people taking part in their fitness training programs were staying longer. And then, since they were buying heart rate monitors from the club, the club increased and improved their revenue.

Think of ways you can help your customers stay engaged with your business and help make the experience even better. Using gamification can be a fun and nontraditional way for both the customers and the businesses to improve themselves (and the bottom line).

Engage with your audience wherever they are on social media

Small businesses should educate themselves about using social media. Find out where your audience hangs out the most. Take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms and engage with your audience. Social media has a host of communities, from moms to health and fitness, finance to book clubs, and everything in between. It has every community you would need.

Even if you don't have a budget to spend on your advertising or, or whatever you traditionally do more, more of, social media is a big growth marketing hack. There are so many more possibilities these days to help your business grow.

It's important to identify your niche's trends and work them into your business. Many people enjoy it when businesses post about current events and trending memes on social media.

You can do so much cool stuff with social media such as conducting live videos, contests, memes, Q&As, giveaways, and more. The rest of your content should offer value and build trust and authority.

Find other local businesses with similar audiences to connect with

Another hack for small businesses is finding a business that’s like yours and is in the same area as your own. For instance, a boutique fitness gym can follow a smoothie bar or a sustainable grocery store’s social media pages. The gym can comment on their social media pages, and the gym’s comments may intrigue customers to come over and check them out. Soon, they’ll find they have gained more followers because they attempted to reach out to other audiences with similar interests and values.

Tell your customers what's happening with your business

During the pandemic, people are afraid to visit indoors, so be transparent and educate your customers. A good way to reach your customers is to show them not just how you're different, but also how you're doing in this pandemic.

People are curious and want to discover what other people do daily and in business. You want to make it known that you're taking every step in your power to accommodate and appease your customers during these trying times. The more people who relate to you, the more likely they are to engage in your content.

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