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How to delegate for success

How to delegate for success
Stacey Krizan

Episode Guest

Stacey's experience spans the breadth of sales, marketing, and success. She works as Senior Partner Success for a fast-paced start-up company Artemis, that has a unique value proposition in the retail segment. She contributed to the company's early growth as a top sales performer and moved into Partner Success to help the organization increase retention, enable scalable processes, and thereby yielding predictable revenue results.

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Episode Partner

Artemis Distribution aims to build a community of entrepreneurs who help their customers achieve confidence in their own skin. The company is an exclusive distributor of three brands, including Cryoskin, their flagship brand. Their products are available in over 1,100 wellness and beauty systems in the U.S. including the wellness chain Restore Hyper Wellness.

For more on Artemis Distribution go here.

How to delegate for success

Episode intro

Building a business from the ground up is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But once it starts growing, you've got to delegate your work to others.

In this episode, we chat with Stacey Krizan from Artemis Distribution, LLC, about their efforts to ensure that their entrepreneur partners are successful using their Cryoskin products. In addition, why delegation, and why it’s a tool that helps your team and business grow.

Stacey Krizan talks with us about how Artemis Distribution gives its partners lots of options and collateral to help them succeed.Stacey Krizan talks with us about how Artemis Distribution gives its partners lots of options and collateral to help them succeed.

Artemis adapted to those whose reactions were no at the onset because they did not have confidence in the device and were not ready for a major investment. They created a leasing model that is a lower risk, and a model that most partners had said no to at the beginning. 

When you rent a device or anything, you have some sort of terms i.e. 36 months or 5 years. The Artemis model actually gives you a chance to try it out for free - and hopefully make money on that trial - and then you will gain the confidence to be a subscriber or renter.  In this way, they ended up purchasing and purchasing out the devices.

Artemis has a lot of initiatives to make sure that their partners are successful. They have programs like a pre-launch plan and marketing collateral. Since they are in the business of selling cryoskin, they understand how to be a partner to small businesses that want to have a sustainable success trajectory.

We then discuss delegating as a small business owner. Know what you're great at and hand off your not-so-good skills to others. A lot of business owners struggle with doing such things.

They want to do everything. They want to take ownership of nearly every aspect of their business from customer experience to professional development for their employees to branding. But as the business grows and as they take on more work, they won't be able to keep up with all of the responsibilities. They’re not doing what is necessary or even keeping up with what needs specialization to do it well.

Although delegating requires more effort, it keeps you from wasting time and lets you get down to some important tasks. Delegate a task to another employee, and hire someone who can do it better than you if needed. Because money is time, and if you waste time, you're wasting money you could be making.

Investing time and money to launch it effectively sets a firm foundation about how the company will do. Business owners who launch before anything often wonder why their customers never show up months later.

It is difficult to do everything when one does not know how to perform well. Know your strengths and delegate your shortcomings. Look for the best-qualified person who can work on your task, so you won't have to throw money at it and hope it works. Hire them and learn from them. Don’t micromanage as you delegate tasks, but rather encourage the person in charge of your delegated task to succeed.

When you delegate tasks, you help your business grow and let your team members shine. It also enables you to experience the success that you would not have achieved otherwise.

Key Takeaways

When you give the right resources, you can help build confidence with your partners.

Delegation can really help you as a business owner. You shouldn’t be afraid to delegate and work with other people to help your business succeed.

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Episode roundup

As a small business owner, do you often find yourself wanting to do everything by yourself?

We know your business is your baby. You spend all day and night trying to make everything work.

As your business grows, do you fear a team member will mess up a task? Are you afraid to let go of tasks that take up too much time anyway?

Where do you even begin?

As Stacey Krizan, Senior Partner Success Manager at Artemis Distribution, notes, this mindset is exceptionally common among business owners. If you think you can do everything, you end up not making much money, feeling stressed, and truth be told, not even keeping up with what needs to be done well.

Stacey recommends delegation instead.

Our episode today features everything that Artemis does for its partners with their flagship brand, Cryoskin, as well as Stacey spilling the beans on why delegation is paramount to running your own business well.

If you’re being overwhelmed by everything you have to do in your business or you’re thinking about delegation but are wondering about HOW to actually delegate your tasks, this episode is for you!

Click here to listen and learn the secrets to delegating successfully.

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