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Growth marketing that makes a difference

Growth marketing that makes a difference
Brandon Yu

Episode Guest

Brandon is an entrepreneur at heart. His passion for helping small businesses grow comes from his own personal experience. As a small business owner himself, he was tired of paying for marketing that didn't yield results. Thus, he was on a mission to change the way marketing agencies service their clients. As a result, Brandon has helped hundreds of Spas and Med Spas grow their business and become more profitable than ever before!

Redefined Growth Marketing

Episode Partner

Redefined Growth Marketing is a marketing agency specifically focused on helping local, small businesses get new clients and increase revenue growth. While Redefined Growth Marketing has worked in many different industries, they specifically focus in working with Spas and Med Spas, to help these businesses accelerate to 6-7 figure businesses.

For more info about Redefined Growth Marketing go here.

Growth marketing that makes a difference

Episode intro

In this episode, we speak with Brandon Yu of Redefine Growth marketing about how his agency helps spa and med spa business owners of stay on top of their marketing and generate more leads. He explains why small business owners should devote a lot of effort to marketing their businesses in order to get more customers through their doors.

Key Takeaways

Try new things despite the current pandemic and don’t let failure stop you. You have to push yourself to succeed.

Work on your marketing strategy every day of the week. You won’t get rich overnight but if you continue to hack your way and you fail a few times, that’s okay. It’s all part of the learning process.

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Episode roundup

So you’ve got a set of keys to a professional spa or med spa.

Now what?

You need to actually get those customers in there…creating a buzz about your business and getting new customers to trickle in through those doors.

Every business - no matter what type - needs marketing to succeed.

Small business owners should know that they're not the only ones who feel like they lack the time and resources to help their businesses thrive.

If you are a spa or a med spa owner, you need to hear about marketing hacks from a real expert who’s been in your shoes.

Brandon Yu explains why small business owners should put a lot of effort into growth marketing for their businesses in order to generate more leads and customers.

His agency, Redefine growth marketing, specializes in helping health & beauty businesses do just that.

He has been a spa owner, a VP of customer success at a beauty device company, and he now helps local businesses thrive.

He is a passionate marketer who has coached business owners on how to get more customers.

This episode offers an abundance of helpful information, so you can learn actionable strategies to implement right away to grow your business and get more customers coming through the door.

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